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Monday, June 28, 2004

"There's A Sharp Ground Ball To Aurilia, Cue The Plate-Spinning Music" 

That ball that Aurilia fielded in the hole in the second is so far the frontrunner for the "Most Routine Play Made To Look The Most Difficult" Award for 2004.

If you missed it, the ball was hit off the end of the bat and was hit on a couple of hops about six feet to Aurilia's right. Aurilia fielded the ball on an awkward-looking short hop facing left field for some reason, then jumped about four inches off the ground, spun and "fired" a "laser" on a short hop to Jolbert Cabrera at first. David at Your Thoughts Exactly posted a similar observation after attending Saturday's game:
(regarding Aurilia's fielding)

...in the 8th he fielded a hard-hit grounder right at him like a high-schooler without a cup.
Yeah, I know, it's not exactly breaking news, but I really, REALLY miss Carlos Guillen right about now.

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