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Saturday, July 31, 2004

The Great Debate 

The following question is based on a recent discussion with my brother Matt:

Which is the better film:

Dude, Where's My Car?


The Last Starfighter


Please leave comments below.

I have a major issue with Dude, Where's My Car. None of the hot alien chicks are even slightly hot. That is a big enough flaw to cover all of the bonus points they get for having a then unknown Jenifer Garner. I haven't seen the Last Starfighter in at least 15 years, and remember very little of it, but I have to give it the nod.
i also haven't seen last starfighter in 10-15 years, and remember nothing of it except for one shot of the kid looking up into the starry sky (was that even in the movie?), yet have very warm feelings towards it. I have not seen Dude, but the enjoyment I have had from saying the title at various times - much to the grand annoyance of my friends - trumps all. Dude, Where's My Car is the clear choice.
Dude Where's my car? Was, well pretty weak. Lot of lame jokes that wouldn't have been funny if I'd been smoking what they were when they made the film. Gotta go with the Last Starfighter. I mean come on, it had a plot.
Last Starfighter. Alex Grogan. You have been selected to save the galaxy from the Kodan Armada. I may be a little off there, but it is from memory. It was WAY ahead of its time and an originator of the CGI graphics that now dominate all blockbusters. (Whether that is a good thing or not is another issue.) It is chock full of great 80's cheesy-ness, which is far superior to 2k stoner humor. Plus that great last line from the Kodan Admiral. "What do we do now?" His answer: "We die." Seriously, a great "fun" movie... something there are way too few of these days. --Tyler (Olympia Mariner)
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