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Saturday, July 24, 2004

More Outsiders Talking M's 

From B+ FOR BASEBALL: THE MLB MIDSEASON REPORT CARD by Will Leitch (thanks to Redbird Nation for originally linking the article):
Seattle Mariners

Speaking of which, this is a team that was just waiting to be ground into dog food. Old, without passion and with about as much offense as a Tim Allen sitcom, the Mariners were a nursing home accident waiting to happen. Seattle is about to vanish of the baseball map for a few years, particularly if it succeeds in finding foolhardly sorts to trade for decrepit bit parts like Bret Boone, John Olerud and Jamie Moyer. My family dog is named Daisy, and she is a proud dog, a Golden Retriever who is more beloved by the Leitches than I am. She is also 15 and can't make it up the stairs without vibrating violently and peeing on herself. Your Seattle Mariners. Grade: D.

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