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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Why Not Ichiro? 

Yesterday, Rafael Palmeiro participated in the home run hitting contest. Palmeiro is currently 22nd in the American League with 13 home runs and was not selected to the All-Star team. Major League Baseball is, apparently, selecting home run contest participants based on fan appeal and anticipated competitiveness rather than the home run leaders in each league. If that's the case, who would create more fan appeal, and at the same time pose an excellent chance of winning the home run event, than our very own Ichiro? We've all seen what he can do when he's trying to hit home runs, especially against a batting practice pitcher. Would it not be incredible television to watch the 165-pound Ichiro square off against a 250-pound steroid freak in the finals? This would have ESPN Instant Classic potential. Make this happen, Air Bud Selig.

seriously, why wouldn't they do this? He won't put on mileage like mcgwire in fenway and sosa in miller park, but his 350 ft home runs wouldn't be boring if he's hitting enough to win, which I very confident he could do.

also, let me whore myself and take advantage of caldwell, even after he plugged us, by saying: http://yourthoughtsexactly.blogspot.com for your healthy dose of sports and politics.
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