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Monday, August 09, 2004

'Gar Announces Retirement At Season's End; Is He Hall Worthy? 


Yeah, he's worthy, but he's got a lot to contend with. The hall voters are (as you know) obsessed with milestones that Edgar never approached. His greatness is in his rate stats, which they pay virtually no attention to. And they hate DHs too...

Here's my view: hitting is half the game of baseball. Over the forteen years Edgar was a regular, there were MAYBE two better hitters. And their names are Bonds and Thomas. How can you justify denying the hall to one of the three best hitters of our time?

Only by being a dick.
Okay, here's what seals it. We all know that OBP is, by far, the most important offensive stat. Well,

All Time OBP leaders:

1. Ted Williams, .481
2. Babe Ruth, .469
3. Lou Gherig, .442
4. Barry Bonds, .439
5. Frank Thomas, .429
6. Jimmy Foxx, .425
7. Ty Cobb, .424
8. Rogers Hornsby, .424
9. Mickey Mantle, .420

Gimme a break! Of course he's a hall of famer! He's one of the elite hitters of all time!
here here! screw the bbwaa!
Edgar may have been the most dangerous right handed bat of his time. That will put him in with the Veteran's committee, if not the bbwa. The DH angle is a crock. The wizard of Oz made it in with horrific offensive numbers, but he redefined the short stop position. Edgar is the definitive DH, and his numbers should be the yardstick for future HOFers. 'nough Said.
And he saved baseball as we know it in Seattle, and he's a local icon, and he's one of the most respected players of his generation by his opponents, etc. etc. etc.

Fifty years from now, when I meet another septuagenarian in a Northwest park feeding pigeons, and I chant "ED-Gar! ED-Gar!," the other geezer will remember Edgar Martinez. THAT'S a Hall-Of-Famer. When you know grandpas will tell their grandkids stories that go nowhere about a certain player, that player is in. He's in. He's in. Forget what Larry Stone has to say. He's in.
With all do respect, you fools see these things through rose-colored glasses. Understandble, understandable. However: 1) No fielding matters in terms of a player's ability to produce. 2) He got hurt all the time 3) The competition will be fierce, and that matters. What may matter is who else retires this year, and thus who he may be up against. Clemens? Alomar? We'll see. Currently though he has a 128 on Bill James' Hall of Fame monitor, where 100 is supposed to make it. But there are 21 HITTERS on the list ahead of him who havent made it yet and arent yet eligble. And how many of those guys can you say Edgar clearly deserves it over? And how many more guys will pass him between now and 5 years from now? Sorry kids.
No rose in my eyewear. It's not that I think Edgar WILL make it--frankly I'd be surprised. But he definitely should. I see Edgar being one of those guys who's a point of contention in the voting every single year, until his last year of eligibility, when it'll be a coin flip.

That's okay with me, though. This way, every year for years to come, we'll have an excuse to talk about Edgar, and what an amazing hitter he was.
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