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Friday, August 13, 2004

Highlights of Tuesday's Game 

Some quick hits about what I saw from my vantage point at Tuesday's game:

** Warren Moon was in attendance, sitting about twenty-eight rows in front of me (I was in Row 29, he was in Row 1). When he walked past us, the former UW quarterback was greeted with a heartfelt "Huskies suck!," a comment that received an equal mix of moderate chuckling and scornful looks from those fans seated in my vicinity. True to the purple and gold, Moon arrived fashionably late and left fashionably early.

** Gil Meche was dealing that night. When he wasn't blowing his fastball by hitters, his off-speed stuff had them flailing weakly. He gave up only two hits, solo homers to one of the Coreys (this time it was Koskie, not Haim or Feldman) and a pinch-hitting Lew Ford.

** Koskie looked pretty shaky at third base. He made about four plays over the course of the game, and in each one it looked like he was just barely managing to get a glove on the ball, rather than smoothly scooping it up and easily firing the ball to first base. It almost looked like he was having trouble seeing the ball or something. Very Spiezio-like.

** To the girl seated in section 120, row 29, seat 3: My email address is listed to the right.

Rick did say you'd had a few pops over at Pyramid beforehand... Why else would you have put your self in danger of that crazy, wife-beating Husky.
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