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Friday, August 13, 2004

Ichiro and Records 

As you probably are aware, Ichiro recently surpassed Pie Traynor's record for most hits in a player's first four big league seasons. I was wondering, and thought you might have been too, what the record is for most hits in any four consecutive seasons. Checking the players on the all-time, single-season hits leaderboard, I'm about 80% sure that the record belongs to George Sisler, who had a string of four seasons in which he amassed 913 hits. Incidentally, I'm only 80% sure that Sisler holds the record because I did my research in about five minute at 5:30 this morning before work.

Ichiro currently has 843 hits in 3 seasons and 114 games, so he needs 70 hits in the Mariners' next 48 games, an average of 1.46 per game. So far this year, Ichiro is averaging 1.59 hits per game, so he's on pace to do it. Oh, and if he keeps that 1.59 pace, he'll end up with 257 hits, tying Sisler's single-season record. Why aren't the national media talking about this more?

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