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Friday, August 20, 2004

Rainout Rescheduled; M's To Play Doubleheader in... Seattle? 

Last night's rainout in Kansas City has been rescheduled for August 28, when the Royals are due in Seattle for a three-game series. As far as I know, the M's have never played a doubleheader in Seattle, since they've never had a home rainout.

This is very good news for Ichiro's hits record hopes, for two reasons. First and most obviously, he'll get to make up a game that he would have missed due to his concussion suffered Wednesday night, so he'll get a few extra at bats. Second, that the league has rescheduled a rained out game between two teams this far out of contention, at the other team's home park, may indicate that the league is willing to do whatever it takes to give Ichiro every opportunity to get the record. Hopefully the umpires start giving pitchers the squeeze and warning every pitcher that comes an inch off the plate inside against Ichiro.

Tonight at 4:00 against Detroit: Villone vs. Nate Robertson. Robertson shut the M's out for seven innings on May 21 in a 5-0 Tigers win. Ichiro is three for four lifetime against Robertson with three singles.

Hey, we posted at the same time!
The eradicator could take care of those inside pitches, and it's not like he'd be taking up precious roster space on the M's.
If he doesn't take roster space, he can't be suspended, can he? He'd be able to bust some ass on a daily basis.
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