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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Explaining What We've All Known From The Beginning 

Here's another great article about our little buddy Ichiro, courtesy of Management By Baseball. Jeff Angus uses the fact that, while Ichiro is something like 25th in the AL in OPS, he is first in Runs Created, to illustrate a primary failing of OPS and to show that a whole bunch of small successes (singles) add up to a lot of production. Read the article. Now.

"...this was a simpler time, an era when it was OK to cheat on your wife and show up blitzed for work. You can't do this stuff now. For example, if Mantle played today, he would be juggling rehab stints along with $4 million rings for his ticked-off wife. Then again, these days, women refuse to wear bras, dress like hookers and aren't afraid to go to eighth base. So maybe both eras had their benefits."

Bill Simmons, from his "61*" review,

This damned near made me put coffee through my nose, I thought you all might enjoy.
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