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Monday, September 13, 2004

Scary Ideas From Around The Country And How They Relate To The Mariners And Seahawks 

Peter Gammons, "Expanding 'Moneyball'; Judging defense becoming key"
While some dissect the "Moneyball" theories, the A's, Red Sox, Dodgers, Mets, Indians and others are trying to find the next new new thing, which in this case is quantifying what heretofore was considered incalculable -- defense.
So, the qualified GMs are tackling defense now. Bill Bavasi doesn't know how to calculate slugging percentage. This is worrisome, to say the least. What Beane, Epstein, et al. are doing are the kind of things we'd all love to try, given talented statistical research staffs and million-dollar budgets.

Bill Simmons, "The NFL and 'Goodfellas" Part II"

The Sports Guy's NFL preview, written to tie into forty quotes from Scorcese's "Goodfellas." He's got the 'Hawks at 12-4 with home field advantage throughout the playoffs, losing in the end to SG's beloved Patriots by seven in the Super Bowl. A lot of national media have been picking the 'Hawks to advance far into the playoffs this year, but Simmons doesn't even feel like he really needs to explain his choice. It's like he thinks everyone would agree that the statement "The Seattle Seahawks are unrivalled in the NFC in 2004" was written in stone high atop a mountain somewhere. We need some national 'Hawks nay-sayers, sooner better than later.

As far as Simmons' column goes... What the hell man? You don't mention the 'Hawks once in approx 6,000 words,then you mention that they will return to the playoffs and then lose the Super Bowl. You'd think that Seattle was rolling out the Mean Machine. I normally really dig Billy's columns, and 'Goodfellas' was a terrific gimmick, but don't ignore a team for two columns and then pick them to win the NFC. I will now go light myself on fire.
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