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Monday, September 13, 2004

Weekend Update 

First off, I'd like to apologize to Mom and Dad. For the first time in my life, I made a visit to the Seattle area from out of town without paying a visit to the Caldwell Family Compound in Snoqualmie. I had a pretty busy schedule, and it was all in Belfair and Seattle. Sorry. I tried.

The wedding was a blast, marred only by the concurrent Cougar defeat and by being Lon-blocked (inside joke). Funniest thing I overheard, out of the mouth of Means, the groom:

"See that guy over there, in the gray shirt and crimson tie? (Means points at me.) He's a Coug, and he'll be keeping track of the score of the game, if you ever want an update. You can tell he's a Coug 'cause he's drinking at noon."

The weather was miraculously pleasant despite a bad forecast, and everyone in attendance had a good time.

As for the M's game on Friday, a 13-2 shellacking is never the best game to see, but seeing Pedro in action (in the dugout, not the mound) was by itself worth the cross-state trip. I'm sure Pete can tell you about that though.

Pete? you mean he still posts here?
Well, excuse me for being sick in bed with...CANCER! Yeah, that's right, cancer! Man, I bet you feel bad now don't you, "anonymous"?

Okay, I don't have cancer. I'm just lazy.
cancer?! ha! that's weak! what a lame-o excuse, "pete."
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