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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

#80 Is Off Limits 

I just saw the Rice press conference on Sportscenter. You know they type, where the high-profile new player holds up his new squad's jersey with his freshly-hemmed name stitched on back. I wondered about this when I first heard they got Rice, and now I know: evidently, Steve Largent is dead to the Seahawks, because they're giving Rice #80. Before I even knew the offsides rule, I had one of those old Seahawks t-shirt jerseys with #80 on back, and it wasn't in anticipation of a player who would join the team twenty years later. Does this bug anyone besides me?

Rice needed to change his number. It sticks in my craw (if I have one) that Largent OK'd this move. #80 belongs on one man in a 'Hawks jersey, it is retired for a reason.
You know, my neighbor has a human anatomy book, so I looked up "craw" in the index. It was conspicuously absent. As were "upside the head," "unibrow," and "the junk."

Washington State University. World Class. Face to face.
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