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Thursday, October 28, 2004

New Title Winner 

Congratulations to my buddy Joe! "At Least The Red Sox Have 1918" has been hereby re-named "Who Wants To Watch The World Series?"

The Sox winning it all has pretty much changed my whole world-view, as far as baseball is concerned. Anyone else feel the same way? Comments are welcome below.

It's a world-changing event, no doubt about it. I still can't quite believe they came back after that Game Three against the Yankees. The question is, how many decades will the curse of Nomar stick to the Cubs? My guess? Seven.
With the Lunar eclipse last night looming large to the east, and the world about to be turned ass up, I found myself thinking that the Boston fans really can't complain ever again, about anything. With numerous Stanley Cups, insane amounts of NBA championships, 2 Super Bowl wins in the last 3 years, and now the series... F#&* them. What you haven't had a championship in 9 months? Try 25 years. I wonder if there is another major city (3 or more Major Professional teams) with this poor a record for winning? Congrats to the BoSox, but you arfe done complaining for at least a decade, I won't listen. Yes I'm bitter, the Mariners tanked; the 'Hawks are underachieving; and the Sonics look like they will be lucky to win 30 games; and don't get me started about Husky football.

I will now proceed to take a branding iron to my eyeballs.
What about Husky football, Means? Are they struggling this year or something? I haven't been paying attention lately. What's their record? Do they still have a shot at that coveted "Northwest Championship"? Are they going to be able to keep that impressive "non-losing season" streak alive? Tell me, Means, I haven't been watching the Huskies with a feeling of profound joy this season.
Nothing like a taunting coug...When was the last time WSU won the Apple Cup? Saturday will be an ugly day for college football in this state, well, at least in Pullman. It looks like weather condidtions will be more adverse on this side of the mountains, not that Autzen is going to be any better. Uggh...

To more optomistic notes... Start stoking the stove, the Mariner's front office has some work to do. They need to ignore the Pedro and Lowe temtations, both way past their primes and the M's would basically be paying them retroactively for what the accomplished with Boston. Use the Farm system for pitching and get a couple big bats in. The holes are gigantic, we can fill every position other than left and probably 2nd base, and money to do it... Who to go after???
It may be foul over there this weekend, but Pullman will be no better. Saturday: high of 44, rain, low of 35. I guess I'll have to scrap the Magnum P.I. costume this year.

Firing up the stove: my buddy Joe wants the M's to go for Carlos Delgado. I'd like to see Adrian Beltre and Matt Clement in Mariner colors in 2005, personally.
Yeah, start your snow dance and go as an Eskimo... I think I'm going for Jimmy Two Times from Goodfellas, why not? Speaking of Goodfellas, Lifetime of all stations was playing it last week, Definately a WTF moment, it would have been great but I wanted to put a piece of paper at the lower right-hand corner of the screen to block out the fact that I was watching Lifetime, oh well.

Beltre would be great, but the Mariners can't pull the trigger on a player like that when Satan will end up offering him A-Rod like $'s.
So, George, sorry I haven't answered the last couple of calls. You caught me at a, eh, bad time, both times. I gotta take care of number one, if you know what I mean. Go cougs. Snow dance has been taking place for almost three weeks.
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