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Friday, October 08, 2004

A Sports Guy Rip On Angels Fans That Could Just As Easily Be About 90 Percent Of Mariner Fans 

From today's article (regarding the Anaheim fans' reaction to the Red Sox taking the lead against the Angels' star relief pitcher, Francisco "K-Rod" Rodriguez):
Did they just score on K-Rod? What do we do now? Could the scoreboard tell us what to do, please?
Why do many of us M's fans hate the Angels and their fans so much? Because they remind us of our lame selves.

Hold on. Be right back. I think someone is trying to start a wave.

Edit, 1:24 PM:

Another gem about lame, bandwaggoning Anaheim (or just as easily, Seattle) fans:
The classic Anaheim fan story: My buddy Hench and I were walking into the game and doing the "Let's go Sox!" routine every time we walked by someone wearing a Sox hat or jersey. I mentioned how there were a surprising number of Sox fans walking around, followed by Hench joking that the number of Angels fans at Friday's game at Fenway would be either zero or zero. So some Stepford fan turns around and sneers, "You gotta get there first!"

Um ... what?

"You gotta get there first!"

Apparently the chip in his skull was malfunctioning.

"We're up 1-0 in a five-game series," Hench said. "I'm pretty sure we're making it to Game 3."

Thought you would find this post about the Evil Empire - Yankees or Red Sox interesting.

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