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Friday, October 29, 2004

There Is Justice in This Topsy-Turvy World 

Michigan and Ohio State made the right decision. If you haven't been following this story, SBC Communications put money on the table for the naming rights to the Michigan-OSU game every year, proposing that it be called the tongue-tying "SBC Communications Michigan-Ohio State Classic." With anything and everything that can be bought being sold nowadays, this is the most refreshing news I've read in a while. Yay Big 10 (11)!

It is refreshing to see tradition winning over the $. In defense of our own cross state battle, at least it's sponsored by Tree Top, it makes sense... Oh well
Should have been the Congratulations On Your Graduation And Good Luck In Your Future Endeavors, Carrie Fitzsimmons, From Your Parents Michigan/Ohio State Showdown.
The Tree Top Apple Cup... yeah it makes sense, but it's like advertising for Guinness in Ireland on St. Patrick's day. Do they really need to advertise that badly?
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