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Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Down 3-0, coming back. That was a Miracle On Ice-level upset. And like the Miracle, in a couple decades there are going to be a lot of casual fans that won't realize that the Red Sox didn't win the championship with their upset. The Sox still have to beat Finland in the World Series.

I might have to change the name of my web site in a week or so. I hope I do. If you have any re-naming suggestions, please leave a comment below.

At least the Cubs have 1908
At least the White Sox have 1919
I was thinking of At Least The Yankees Have 2000
I'm a Phillies phan so how about, at least the phils have 1980 or You cant lose them all, which is the title of a book about the 1980 season.
Hey, I like At Least the Cubs have 1908! That fits in pretty well with the themes around here. What a comeback!
How about "A-Rod Never Slapped A Tag Here"?
I like any title that rags on Alex. I just thought of "The Purple Lips of Satan."

The main thing I see is that the current title does a great job of tying in both the Mariners and the Cubs, which, before Pete went AWOL, were the main topics of discussion here.

How about "Baseball in the Old (and New) Northwest"? It harkens back to the time before westward expansion, when Illinois was called the Northwest. That's why Northwestern University is called Northwestern and not Upper Midwestern University.
Yeah, that's pretty good. I could see that. If it were At Least the Cubs Have 1908, it would be sort of like I was taunting you, which wouldn't be a bad thing.
"Baseball in the Old (and New) Northwest" seems to be an appropriate title, vague enough to confuse, but obscurity is important. I still think the current title will hold though, the Cards are too damned tough, it'll be a hell of a series though.
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