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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

2004 Toilet Bowl Championship Series Rankings (through games played as of 11/13) 

Here are this week's TBCS Top 10:

1) Central Florida (140.17 rating)
2) Western Michigan (135.72)
3) Buffalo (127.00)
4) Ball St. (123.83)
5) Central Michigan (122.44)
6) San Jose State (114.11)
7) Eastern Michigan (113.89)
8) Utah State (113.28)
9) Ohio (112.67)
10) Idaho (112.11)

OK, how the heck is this calculated, and where the heck are USC, Auburn, and Oklahoma, you ask?

This is, ultimately, an anti-BCS, determined in exactly the opposite manner as the BCS rankings. The same six computer ranking used by the BCS are used by the TBCS. Instead of ESPN and USAToday, Collegefootballnews.com and CBSSportsline.com polls were used, since they contain all 117 Division I-A football teams. The computer average, the CFN poll, and the CBS poll are averaged to determine the ranking. It seems to work pretty well to determine the worst teams in the land. The Huskies even beat SJSU, and they're holding number six this week, despite the Spartans' two wins to the Huskies' one.

There is reason to rejoice, Husky fans. Your team is not one of the ten worst in football (they're actually 21st). Sniffle, sniffle. My tears are the tears of happiness.

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