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Monday, November 01, 2004

Cougar Basketball 

The Cougs have a freshman point guard from Hawaii named "Derrick Low." And Thomas Kelati is back for his senior year. Aside from those two points, there is not much reason to be excited about the team this season. At least Coach Bennett will have them playing tough defense all year, so if we get hot from behind the arc we could snag a couple of upset victories in the Pac.

Still, Cougar basketball is possibly the greatest heckling opportunity in American sports. Just ask Luke Walton.

Hey plus you have the opportunity to sit floorside in a Pac-10 arena... Maybe I'll have to get over to Pullman for the Apple Cup of basketball (God Damn KJR, the Apple Cup of basketball is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. That's like refering to the BCS as January Madness, bastards)
Just saw your comment. Don't know if anyone is reading this but you are lucky to have Derrick Low. Look forward to some exciting basketball as he adjusts and matures. Best overall basketball player from Hawaii ever!! Good guy too!!
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