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Friday, November 19, 2004

Koskie To M's? 

Corey Koskie is expecting an offer from the M's any day now, he says. It would probably cost at least 4 mil a year to sign Koskie, and would mean the M's decided to stay away from Adrian Beltre. Beltre, of course, will sign somewhere that he can kill the Mariners 15-20 times a year.

I'm leary of Koskie. Koskie's agent, Pat Rooney:
"He has interest in three or four places, and Seattle is one of them," Rooney said. "His wife is from British Columbia, which is an enticement. The Mariners are definitely a team of interest to Corey."
Knowing the M's history with third basemen with wives from the region (*cough* Jeffcirillo *cough*) gives me the willies.

Koskie has a lifetime .251 batting average. He did bad north of .290 last season, but that was playing half his games at the HHH Metro Dome, and he only had 14 and 69 which is what put R. Kelly behind bars (rim shot). I hope the M's avoid this guy like an attractive hooker on Aurora (where the good looking ones are cops).
Damn it, I was wrong on the stats for last year, it was .251 last year. the 15 and 69 and 14 and 69 were from 2003 and 2004 respetively.
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