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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Beltran to Mets, At Least For Now 

At least that's what Newsday says.

The first thought I have when the notion "Carlos Beltran" pops into my head is that I can't think of another player that people have described as a bona fide superstar, five-tool type who had at the time exactly one thirty-homer season under his belt. Seven years, $119 million. With the Pedro Martinez deal, the Mets have made one very high risk major deal (Martinez) and now add this huge contract to their books for the next seven years. I glad the Mariners decided not to get involved with Beltran. The Sexson and Beltre deals are looking pretty good right about now.

Compared to this contract, and others handed out this offseason, Beltre is an absolute steal. Plus, unlike Beltran with the Mets, Beltre fills a huge need in the field for the Mariners.

Also, with Beltran on board, does this mean that Mike Cameron is now trade bait? It seems like a waste of Cameron's skills to have him anywhere other than centerfield. Maybe the M's should make an inquiry. Ibanez and Winn are available...
Beltran has gotten so overhyped, it's not even funny.

And moving Mike Cameron to a corner outfield position is like wiping your ass with the shroud of Turin.
...and flushing it down with Crystal.

Who says Cammy gets moved? How about moving Beltran?

I hope Cammy gets moved, then maybe his trade value will suffer.
Beltran made it quite clear that he isn't going to move. As for Cammy getting traded, where do you want him to go?
I don't know. He'll probably go to Oakland though. Remember what he did to the White Sox? Scarry.
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