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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Bucky Lives in the 'Qualmie! 

Blaine Newnham: Jacobsen Ready After Knee Surgery

Bucky Jacobsen seems to have the optimism cranked all the way to eleven during his interview with the Times' Blaine Newnham. In the same paragraph that asserts the need for Bucky to stay humble this season if he wants to be successful, Newnham has Bucky claiming that he could easily "hit 35-40 home runs this season as he says he can." I hope he gets the chance and is right. $300,000 makes for a pretty cheap slugger these days.

The best part of the article is at thew very end, though:
He and (wife) Jennifer recently bought a home at Snoqualmie Ridge.
I'm a bit torn. Yeah, one of the zanier Mariners characters in recent memory has moved to my hometown. But it was the Ridge, so it might as well have been Mukilteo as close as the Ridge is to my parents' house. At least he's in the 98065.

Projected numbers on Bucky were insane last year. As an everyday DH or platooning DH and 1B w/ Sexton could bring the M's to the substantial power numbers that have not been there for the past couple years.

Getting Olerud and Martinez out of the order can only help, as much as I hate to say it. The best looking swings from the left and the right in the 90's, but abismal averages and no power last year; I'll miss watching them.

It's time to be positive about the M's this year. With Wilson and Boone as the elder statesmen of the order, with youth at Center and backup catcher, and emerging superstars at 3 positions, this year will be fun.

Back to work for me.
Yeah, fun in a 74-88 kind of way.
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