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Monday, January 10, 2005

Minor Site Update 

With apologies to Jeff, Trent, David, and Jeremy, whose respective web logs, Leone For Third and Sports and Bremertonians, changed URLs quite some time ago, I have finally updated my links on the right sidebar to the new URLs. I guess because it's the first day of a new semester I must have some kind of renewed sense of responsibility, or maybe dilligence, or maybe even some awesome synonym of responsibility that I've never even heard of.

EDIT, 1:19 PM:

In addition, I've added the following a few new Mariners links
some of which are long overdue. Please visit them all. New opinions and perspectives are what makes the blog world kick ass.

Thanks for linking to M's v. A's. As a proud contributor to an as-yet-tiny blog, I still find being noticed incredibly exciting *grin*
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