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Thursday, March 31, 2005

ESPN: Clarett Posts Better Time Than At Combine 


So, Clarett went from "Slower Than Me When I Was In High School And I Was Running In Wet Grass" to "A Little Bit Faster Than Me When I Was In High School, But I Was Running On Wet Grass, Not A Manicured Track, So It's Probably Still A 35% Chance That I Was Faster Than He Is Now."

Here's how I see the draft going down:


Paul Tagliabue, NFL commisioner, approaches a podium
with several microphones attached. The backdrop behind
him prominently features the NFL insignia.

With the one-hundred-fiftieth selection of the
2005 NFL draft, the Seattle Seahawks select
Maurice Clarett, runningback, the Ohio State

A smattering of boos from the three Seattle fans in
attendance is the only thing that breaks the stunned

Fade out.

There's a good idea... pick up a dude who's sprinting ability is just better than the average interior lineman to play back up to Mo Morris when Shaun holds out in September. Unfortunately, I see this kind of "genious" move comming from the folks in Kirkland.
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