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Monday, March 28, 2005

Hacking Mass 2005 on Baseball Prospectus 

The other day Joe and I were discussing over a couple of cold PBR's starting a fantasy league where the object is to put up the worst possible team. It turns out that Baseball Prospectus has been doing this for a few years now.

HACKING MASS 2005 is now accepting rosters for the upcoming season. It's free, and the team with the worst performance gets 500 bones. You pick one player at each of the eight field positions and two pitchers (Rockies pitchers are ineligible). Scoring is as follows:

Hitters: (0.800 - On Base % - Slugging %) times Plate Appearances

Pitchers: (Earned Run Average - 4.00) times (3 times Innings Pitched)

With the playing time multipliers, is imperative to not just select lousy Major Leaguers, but lousy Major Leaguers who are going to be able to stay in the regular lineup or rotation despite their ineptitude. Here are my picks for 2005:

The Pullman Banditos Yanquis

C Mike Matheny (San Francisco)
1B Darin Erstad (The Los Angeles, California Angels of Anaheim)
2B Craig Counsell (Arizona)
3B Joe Randa (Kansas City)
SS Omar Vizquel (San Franciso)
LF Frank Catalanotto (Toronto)
CF Endy Chavez (Washington)
RF Terrence Long (Kansas City)

P Aaron Sele (Seattle)
P Mark Hendrickson (Tampa Bay)

The Pullman Banditos Yanquis value local pitching products (Sele and Hendrickson: both Cougs!) and outfielders with funny names. This team should be a powerhouse, and I look forward to collecting my $500 come October.

Change out Darin Erstad for JT Snow, and Omar Visquel for Pokey Reese, and the team's a true "power."
JT has had a couple of non-A-level seasons with the bat in the last, say, ten years, whereas Erstad has not. Vizquel is pretty much, barring injury, guaranteed to stay in the Giants' lineup, whereas Reese is in danger of being replaced by Jose Lopez if he really stinks it up.
hacking mass is fantastic. here's the lineup for my team, Mendoza Lives!:
C - Matheny
1 - Mientkiewicz
2 - Counsell
3 - Alfonzo
SS- Eckstein
L - Podsednik
C - Dave Roberts
R - Long
P - Eric Milton
P - Shawn Estes

Some chances, hoping Eckstien doesn't get Tony Womack's locker in StL, and Podsednick doesn't rebound in Chicago. But I'm proud to boast a pitcher earning 7 million this year.
Yeah, it seems like T-Long is a no-brainer in right, doesn't it?
Dumped Chavez and picked up Tike Redman. I read that Endy was sent to AAA for the start of the season, and I didn't want to pass up any valuable Tike plate appearances.
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