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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Mike Gansey, CMOP of the First Two Rounds 

Brought to you by Dissmore's IGA. For the highest beer-to-actual groceries ratio in the continental United States, come to Dissmore's IGA.

ESPN published a good article about West Virginia's Mike Gansey, who I have honored by naming him the CMOP (Caldwell's Most Outstanding Player) of the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament. When I received a text message from my little brother late in the second half of West Virginia's epic upset of Wake Forest containing only the word "Gansey," I just nodded by head, knowing The Truth when I see it.

Gansey's play late in the season and into the Big East and NCAA tournaments has transformed West Virginia from a plain English muffin to eggs Benedict. Against Wake, The Truth netted 29 points on only sixteen shots and pulled down seven boards. It wasn't just the points, though. The Truth was all over the place. Wake Forest's star point Chris Paul had the most basic description of The Truth in action: "Gansey kept making play after play after play." The Mountaineers could make the Final Four if The Truth keeps making plays.

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