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Friday, March 25, 2005

Thursday's Sweet Sixteen Results 

(1) Illinois v. (12) Milwaukee
Illinois 77, Milwaukee 63

Correct pick. Milwaukee hung around for a while, but there was just too much Illini backcourt for Milwaukee. The Illinois-Arizona match should be an incredible game tomorrow. When the Illini finally play a close one I'll have a bit more to say about them.

Dee Brown, incidentally, is a taller, better shooting Nate Robinson.

(2) Oklahoma State v. (3) Arizona
Arizona 79, Oklahoma State 78

Correct pick. Salim Stoudamire had just about the loudest nineteen points I've ever seen. The Cowboys would go on a five- or seven-point run, and Salim would squash it with a huge play every time. I guess Stoudamire was right. No one can guard him. We have a new leader in the CMOP race.

Salim needs a good nickname. I say Silky would work. Any suggestions?

Stoudamire's game-winner. (Seattle Times)

Doesn't Salim look a little like Ricky Williams?

(1) Washington v. (4) Louisville
Louisville 93, UW 79

Incorrect pick. Desired effect achieved. When I picked UW in a 23-point blowout over the Cardinals, it wasn't because I thought that would happen. Nor did I want that to happen. The hex was placed, and it worked perfectly. They forgot how to play defense with their feet, they looked like they thought the refs were against them, and Francisco Garcia took it too them and kicked their purple asses. I don't think that even ghost assistance would have done the Huskies much good last night.

(Reason number 74 why it's better to be a Coug than a Husky: Representation in American cinema. The UW has Sixth Man, starring Marlon Wayans. WSU? John Candy in a breakthrough performance as Tom Tuttle from Tacoma in Volunteers. With apologies to Nick Bakay: Advantage, Cougars.)

Listening to Husky fans for the next year would have made my life miserable if the UW won the championship, so I did what I could to prevent that. Apologies to any Husky fan readership I may have, but I gotta look out for #1.

(6) Texas Tech v. (7) West Virginia
West Virginia 65, Texas Tech 60.

Correct pick. Even with a ho-hum night from Mike Gansey that cost him the lead in the CMOP race, the Mountaineers sent packing an inferior Red Raider squad. Three reasons this outcome makes me happy:

1) Mike Gansey is still in the tournament with a shot at the Final Four.
2) Bob Knight won't make relevant news for another several months.
3) RD Baker, a Tech fan, loses his team. Eye of the Tiger sucks.

Ronald Ross was a great story for the Tech team, and I am a little sorry to see his season end. Ross started as a walk-on, and worked his way up to being Tech's best player this season. A senior without a lot of NBA buzz, it will be interesting to see what's next.

Three of four correct picks.
Four of four desired outcomes.

I wish the first two rounds went this well for me in my pool. Stupid Syracuse.

Actually, I was disappointed, but not all that surprised because we didn't have anyone to match up with Kevin Pittsnogle. Sure enough, he goes off for 22 points
As for "The Eye of the Tiger." I blame Jeremy at Sports and B's.
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