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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Open Invitation to Join the Steaming Pile Fantasy League 

Have you ever wondered how bad a fantasy baseball team you could assemble? Now's you're chance. I've created a league on Yahoo fantasy baseball that will give points for hitters with a sub-.800 OPS and for pitcher with ERA's above four. The scoring is derived from the HACKING MASS system, which rewards not only futility but playing time.

If you're interesting in testing your wits, follow the Yahoo link and sign up in the "Steaming Pile League" using the password "tikeredman". Hope to see you there!

It turns out that you need the league ID # to join, so here 'tis: 315664. That's 315664.

As of midnight Thursday, we've already got seven intrepid participants. Here's their team names and who I think they are:

B Street Valverdes: Me
Geoducks: Means
Intangibles Only!: Pete
Cult of Niehaus: Joe
The New Jerseyans: ???, maybe Daryl
uberhacktasticism +: no freaking idea, so I'll take a stab: David?
Kyrie Eleison: Jeremy, S & B's

I never thought seven people would be up to the challenge, so I'm going to have to rank more City Players.

...and The Optimist is on board. That makes eight. For all the players, that means you need to rank at least 152 crappy players to ensure that you don't end up with Barry Bonds and Manny Ramirez on your squad. I've set the league up to begin counting statistics with the games on Wednesday, April 13. The autodraft will take place at my command, which will be no earlier than noon (Pacific, for all the people in red states) Tuesday, and no later than whenever I wake up (my only Tueday/Thursday class begins at 1:25. It's good work if you can get it.)

Need the Yahoo League ID# to join...
yeah, that's me. but no link???
yeah, that's me. but no link???
Daryl is definitely the New Jerseyans. That really does sound like a bad baseball team, doesn't it?
That's a Daryl move, signing up without even saying hello or anything. Oh, and a link for David.
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