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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Scottish Italian! Soccer! Hooligans! Weekly! 

In a Champions League quarterfinal match today, fans of Inter Milan hurled bottles and road flares at the AC Milan goalkeeper, causing a stoppage of play after the 73rd minute. The Milan police chief offered this comment, pulled from the linked article:
"There were two or three hundred hooligans who were involved in throwing the flares," said Milan police chief Paolo Scarpi, "They have been caught on video camera -- they were the usual hotheads from the Inter sector."
The "usual hotheads?" It sounds like the police chief already knew these guys. So did they just let them in with road flares anyway?
Scarpi said a large number of flares had been confiscated at the entrance to the stadium before the game -- but clearly dozens more had been smuggled through.
Here at Washington State University, we are no strangers to incidents of hooliganism, but road flares?

If you tried that in the United States, you'd probably be jailed indefinitely under the Patriot Act.

Who doesnt root for the hooligans?
Well, "Anonymous," I do. Not that I'd want anybody injured by road flares or anything like that, but I'd like to see at least a little bit more emotion out of Seattle-area fans.

My favorite part about the Apple Cup 2002 stories is that every article said the bottles thrown were water bottles.

I was there. There were also a good number of Made-In-The-USA glass beer bottles thrown as well. Give the Cougs at least SOME credit. At least they threw bottles that could actually hurt someone.
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