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Friday, April 22, 2005


Have you ever seen something so funny and pathetic at the same time that a simple giggle, snicker, or guffaw just doesn't do it justice? Where the only natural response is to just let it all go and unleash a hearty belly laugh? This often happens in a bar or nightclub when a female who doesn't bring anything to the table tries to seduce every man in the bar. You see something this humiliatingly hilarious, and embarrassment be damned, out comes the "Wahhhhhhh!"

I saw another Wah today. Why this picture (look for the story named "March Sadness" was not brought to my attention sooner is a failure of both myself and of everyone to which I am close.

There's also a great photo of Ty Willingham rocking a yellow 2Pac bandana if you scroll down the page a bit.

I hate you so much, Huskies.

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