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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

You Got Sele'd! 

Aaron Sele has officially come back down to Earth, allowing six earned runs in four innings in Monday's 6-1 loss against the Angels. Five of those runs came on home runs by Vladimir Guerrero and Darin Erstad (who is just KILLING my Bad Fantasy Team the way he's been hitting). Both Angels hitters connected on curveballs right in their respective wheelhouses.

Angels slugger Vladimir Guerrero identifies a section of third-level fans, any of whom also could have hit Aaron Sele's hanging curveball out of the park. (Seattle Times photo)

The Mariners rotation is a mess right now. With Bobby Madritsch on the shelf and with Sele and Ryan Franklin holding rotation member status, we can really only expect one good start per cycle. Two if we're lucky. Luckily the ageless Jamie Moyer is taking the mound in about six hours. I probably wouldn't even listen to the game if Franklin was up next.

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