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Friday, June 17, 2005

The NY Mets (my favorite squadron) and Mike Cameron Come to the Safe 

Sponsored, in part, by The New Era Cap Company

Cammy's back in town. Rejoyce!

Not for the M's, true, but if you're not doing anything else this weekend go to the ballpark and show your appreciation for four years of incredible center field play.

Cammy might not play at all (he's battling about 4,832.23 different injuries right now), but if he does bat, I'd like to hear the DJ at the Safe play Cee-Lo's "Soul Machine" for #44:
Whenever you want some soul
Start him up
Whenever you need some soul
Start him up
See he's been given the power
To take you wherever you want to go
Start him up
And tell him what you want

Once you start up the soul machine
You will see what I mean
Open your eyes and enjoy the dream
He can do anything

"Let's all take a relaxed attitude towards work and watch the baseball match."

Ah, the brilliance of the Simpsons.
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