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Monday, June 20, 2005

Thanks For 2001; Enjoy Your Lovely Parting Gifts, Including a Free Dinner for Two at P.F. Chang's 

This from USS Mariner:

"Jose Lopez: 13 plate appearances, 2.2 VORP. Bret Boone: 262 plate appearances, 1.7 VORP. Lopez contributed more offense to the team from Friday through Sunday than Bret Boone has since opening day."

This is a dead horse that has been beaten by every remotely aware Mariners writer, so I'll be brief. Boone brings nothing to the table both in the batter's box and in the field, and with Lopez in the wings, it's time to shop Boonie for any marginal prospects we can get.

Joe, you nailed it about the younger players being a huge boost offensively. With Lopez replacing Boone for the time being, the M's have a lineup with which opposing pitchers don't have any easy outs. Mistakes can be costly to any hitter in the lineup, 1-9. And it's a balanced lineup -- against left-handers, the Mariners can put up six righties (seven if Bucky Jacobsen can be healthy enough to platoon with Ibanez sometime before 2009), and when a righty takes the hill, Winn crosses over and we have four lefties in the lineup, including Certified Righty-Masher Raul Ibanez.

The 2005 Seattle Mariners are no playoff contenders, but they're at least going to go down fighting.

An update:

Last 33 Games, 18-15, .545 PCT
Opponents' combined record: 378-376, .501 PCT

And that's counting the D-Rays twice (since we've had two series with Tampa Bay)
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