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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Round of Sixteen Preview and Predictions 

Brought to you by Capital One. "Marco!" "Po-no!"


(1) Illinois v. (12) Milwaukee
Illinois 81, Milwaukee 65

Jeremy at Sports at B's got me thinking about 80s songs and their lyrics, and this ditty from Tears for Fears sums up Milwaukee's tournament run nicely:

"Hey now, hey now, the dream is over"

"Home! The Illini are too many!"

(2) Oklahoma State v. (3) Arizona
Arizona 81, Oklahoma State 78

I may have mentioned once or twice that Salim Stoudamire is a pretty good player. OSU needed a career game out of their big man, Ivan McFarlin to get by the Salukis last weekend. Enjoy the CBA, Ivan.


(1) Washington v. (4) Louisville
Washington 88, Louisville 65

That's right. I'm taking the Fusskies in a blowout. Believe me, this is a rare event. UW simply has too many great players and too much depth for the Cardinals to keep pace. Louisville's Francisco Garcia should have a nice little career with the Hawks, though.

(6) Texas Tech v. (7) West Virginia
West Virginia 111, Texas Tech 106 (2OT)

Mike Gansey is the Bret Favre of this tournament. Never bet against him. Texas Tech has had a nice little run here, but they still needed Gonzaga to play like frightened 8th-graders to advance this far.


(1) North Carolina v. (5) Villanova
Carolina 95, 'Nova 93 (OT)

No one expects this one to be close. So naturally it will be. Starvin' Marvin Williams continues his Jordan-like freshman tourney run for UNC.

No, Starvin' Marvin! That's MY peach cobbler!

(6) Wisconsin v. (10) North Carolina State
NC State 58, Wisconsin 50

If 'Nova and 'Sconsin come out of these matchups victorious, my 16-year-old sister will have a stranglehold on this year's bracket pool. This can not happen.


(1) Duke v. (5) Michigan State
Duke 86, MSU 75

J.J. Redick hasn't done a whole lot so far in this tournament. This should scare the Spartans. Look for Duke's Sheldon Williams to offer State's Paul Davis driving directions to NBDL home venues and practice sites.

Williams and Davis. "Mr. Davis, perhaps you'd be more comfortable playing at one of our lower-stakes tables?"

(2) Kentucky v. (6) Utah
Utah 55, Kentucky 54

If Kentucky wins this one, I'm eliminated from my pool. Say it with me:

Bo-gut! Bo-gut! Bo-gut!

Not to be first to comment on my own post, but...

I just noticed that Starvin' wore the same #24 in high school that I did. So that's his secret.
I'm pretty sure you're wrong about the Tears for Fears reference, not only with the band, but the lyrics.

I think you're referring to Crowded House, and the lyrics should be: "hey now, hey now, don't dream it's over"
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