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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Weekend Series: Texas Rangers @ Safeco 

Brought to you by Fat Ass Burrito. It always seems like a good idea at the time.

Friday, Aaron Sele vs. Chan Ho Park
Saturday, Jamie Moyer vs. Pedro Astacio
Sunday, Gil Meche vs. Ryan Drese

It looks like the M's can get two out of three at home against the Rangers. I expect Aaron Sele to Coug it on Friday for the lone Texas win, giving up as many home runs to Hank Blaylock as he has opportunities to do so (the upside being an early lead for the Pullman Banditos Yanquis). If Chan Ho Park returns the favor to the Mariner batsmen, which is certainly not unlikely, it's still anyone's game. Jamie and Gil should hold their own against Astacio and Drese, and Mariner fans will rejoice at the Owl and Thistle.

The last season that the Mariners had a record better than 3-3 after six games? You guessed it, 2001.

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Rangers Angst. I'd be all angstful too if my mood was in any way influenced by the day-to-day performance of the Texas Rangers.

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